Katowice, 1.01.2022


  1. The „check-in" process starts only after we receive: a passport, an Identity Card, a driving license or a student card; it must have a photo. The receptionist will refuse "check-in" if they are not shown a proper document with a photograph. Identity document is required from all guests.
  2. Staff may refuse accommodation without giving a reason.
  3. The "check-in" process starts after 2 p.m. It is possible to check in before 2 p.m. but only if the room was vacant during the previous night.
  4. Payments for the entire overnight stay shall be made upon check-in. In the absence of polish cash at the time of night check-in, the guest may leave in cash funds in another currency corresponding to the amount for the night, provided that in the morning he exchanges money in an exchange office and pays correctly for the night
  5. We do not return money for purchased accommodation. Modification of reservation below 7 days to arrival is payable. It is not possible to transfer the deposit to another date.
  6. In the case of shortening of stay at the hostel - we do not return your money.
  7. It is possible to receive an invoice for purchased accommodation. The need to receive an invoice must be reported immediately when paying for the accommodation, as it is not possible to issue an invoice later on the basis of a receipt (a receipt without the VAT number entered). The deadline for issuing the invoice is consistent with the legal provisions in force at the time of sale.
  8. You have to pay the deposit for the key to room and key to parking place. The deposit for the key to room is 10 PLN, but to parking place is 20zł (we will return this deposit if you return the key).
  9. The check-out time is 12 a.m. All the guests must empty their rooms before 12 a.m. If the guest does not leave the room till 12 a.m. – must pay for the next night. The stay is possible if there is no reservation for this room. If there is no contact with guests the Hostel staff have the right to enter the room to clean the room.
  10. If you unexpectedly decide to stay longer, than you must inform us before 10 a.m. After that the receptionist may begin the procedure of extending your stay. You don’t have guarantee to stay in the same room
  11. The Hostel is open 24 hours, but still there are quiet hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  12. The rooms are mixed, there is no rooms separate for women and men.
  13. If you do not pay for the whole room there is possibility to share this room with the other guests. If you want to be alone, you have to pay for the all beds in a room.
  14. You can use only bed and locker which have been allocated by the staff at check-in. If you use the other one you have to pay for it.
  15. We can enter to the guest room to clean the rest beds, which were not booked by the guest.
  16. You have to pay the 50% deposit for the reservation. The rest you have to pay at the check-in.
  17. We can return the down-payment if you cancel your reservation at last one week before the date of arrival. In the other case – we do not return money. The deposit in euro is not refundable.
  18. The refund of the deposit is made within two weeks of canceling the reservation.
  19. People who are not checked in can stay in the Hostel area only if personnel gives its consent.
  20. All the guests can use the public kitchen and lounge in our lobby, but there should be quiet time between 10 pm to 6 am (please, do not cook at these time).
  21. When it's the quiet hours, you cannot see the room before booking.
  22. It is possible to do a laundry. The cost of this service is 15 PLN. Washing machine and laundry dryer can be operated only by employee of the hostel.
  23. You can rent a towel - it costs 4 PLN.
  24. While staying at our hostel, children remain in the care of their parents. Parents with small children should not rent beds in co-edical rooms. Only private rooms.
  25. We take responsibility only for the items left in the save and for the luggage left in the left-luggage office. Hostel takes no responsibility for items left in the rooms.
  26. The guest is financially responsible for the damage which he caused.
  27. It is possible to use an additional camp bed if the whole room is rented. Additionally payable. Please inform about it no later than 12 o'clock on the day check-in.
  28. Staff have the right to call security in an emergency or when they are unable to deal with the guest
  29. Pets are not allowed on the premises of the hostel.
  30. Guests are kindly asked to maintain order in the rooms after accommodation. In the event of extreme cleaning, the guest must pay an additional 50 PLN.
  31. You can't smoke in the Hostel.  The penalty for smoking is 300 PLN.
  32. If you do not observe the rules and regulations or behave improperly, hostel employee can refuse accommodation. Then we do not refund the fee for accommodation paid.
  33. Hostel reserves the right to change prices during the periods chosen by it.
  34. Hostel can change the rules at any time.
  35. Payment of accommodation and collection of the room key is tantamount to reading and accepting the above regulations.